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What happened to tool containment?

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What happened to tool containment?

One of the recent updates seems to have done away with tool containment in the Manufacture environment... That is I can no longer figure out how to control whether or not the tool is constrained to stay inside the contour, or be allowed to pass over it (when part geometry allows)...

I use this a lot, but I included a picture of one situation where this has recently come up for me. The last time I made this part I selected "Tool center on boundary" and the tool would go past the end of the slot and complete the short flat edges. Now I cant find that option, and it defaults to "Tool inside boundary" which leaves the extra material at the ends of the slots.


Has this function been replaced with some other function? How do I control tool containment now???

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As far as I can see tool containment is still there as before.

Tool containment is only for 3D toolpaths, and it looks like you are maybe using 2D pocket?(which never had tool containment)


If you could upload a file you are having trouble with, and which toolpath you are having problems with we can have a look to see where the issue may lie.



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