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Weird flat pass + why is rest machining not working?

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Weird flat pass + why is rest machining not working?

Hi all, I have two questions about my file-


1) I used a flat pass because 2D pocket and adaptive cuts would not work for some reason. 3D toolpaths work, and the simulated toolpath looks like it's doing the right thing, but I included screenshots of the strange visual things that are happening. I'm not sure how else to describe it. When simulated, it looks bumpy around the edge, although the tool is cutting correctly. And it's showing the stock around the cut when not simulated. 


2) In the 3rd 2D contour toolpath, I'm going in with a 3/16" endmill (material is aluminum), and I want to cut the holes that the previous 1/4" bit did not cut. With rest machining selected, why is it still trying to cut all of the holes in the piece?


Edit:  I just realized that the rest machining is just going into the larger holes to get the details that the previous pass didn't get. I don't need that so I'm now selecting all the small holes individually. I'm still curious about the first question though


Thank you!!

Screenshot 2023-08-10 140804.pngScreenshot 2023-08-10 140828.png

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This is because you are simulating from your second toolpath. It then preloads the stock model from IPS which is not as accurate (and the accuracy slider will have no affect on this). If you run the simulation for all toolpaths then it will show you a very clean cut as expected. 

Screenshot below, I simulated the entire setup and took the screenshot after it finished the flat toolpath. 



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