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Warning - Some contours were not machined. - I am stumped!

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Warning - Some contours were not machined. - I am stumped!

I was getting ready to machine a pair of soft jaws when I realized I could not indicate off the back left hand corner of the model (the milling machine did not have enough Y travel to do so).  I quickly changed the reference to the front left corner of the model to accommodate.  When Fusion regenerated the toolpaths, I got errors on the last two toolpaths 2D Contour and 2D Pocket (Some contours were not machined).  I did not get these errors when I referenced off the back left corner.  I am stumped.  Why would changing to a different Model box reference point make any difference?


ERRORS (see last two highlighted operations):




Original reference point:





New reference point:



I have uploaded the Fusion file. 

Thanks.... Richard





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Interesting, in theory it should give the warning for both WCS locations as the gap in your"Mickey mouse ears" is smaller than the cutter:



the toolpath is actually the same in both instances and doesnt machine the whole selection.

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@a.laasW8M6T that's correct, the toolpaths are the same. And yeah, it really should give the warning in both instances, I'll get a ticket opened on this asap

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I've opened up CAM-42639 to investigate this issue

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks for your quick reply.  Very much appreciated!  I am a bit confused this only the 4th part I have ever CAMed.  Wouldn't Fusion show what will not be machined when running the simulation.   Is this what the RED areas are showing below?


One question.  I created the soft jaw geometry by projecting the contour of the actual part, then extruding that contour to create the pocket in the soft jaw.  I now realize that the pocket is the exact same size as the part which would result in a fit that is too tight.    When creating soft jaw geometry, is there a rule of thumb for how much you oversize the pocket to properly fit the part?


Thanks... Richard











If I understand you correctly, I will need to run this with smaller tooling like

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It shows blue where there is stock remaining, when set to comparison mode.




you can either use a smaller tool to make the soft jaws or you can make the holes a larger diameter to allow the tool to fit.


Are these soft jaws actually two pieces? if that is the case then for that shape of part there is no need to make the pocket slightly larger as it will fit regardless(for accuracy it should be size for size)



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Thanks so much!  I inadvertently had my leftover stock & tolerance set incorrectly.  When I fixed these settings the simulation now shows the remaining material.


Thanks again... You guys are fantastic!





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