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VS Code - Failed to interrogate post processor properties

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VS Code - Failed to interrogate post processor properties

I am working on a custom drilling cycle in vs code and I started getting an error "failed to interrogate post processor properties", I was still able to make edits and vs code was still post the code but it got to a point where I would make a change to the post, press (ctrl, alt, g) to post the new code and nothing would change and ids get the "failed to interrogate" error.


Is this error due to one of my post edits or is it a vs code issue




I have attached :

The post I am working on

The fusion file that I am posting from
A screenshot of VS Code with the error shown in the bottom left corner


Any Help is greatly appreciated



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in reply to: sam.byrnesKB9TR

Hi @sam.byrnesKB9TR 

works fine here on my end with your files:




Which version of the VS Code Postprocessor addin are you using?
By looking at your screenshot it seems that posting fails due to timeout, when that happens there is something wrong in your edits (probably endless 'while' statements). When it does timeout then the post properties cannot get extracted as well.

Principal Technology Consultant
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in reply to: AchimN

Im not sure which version of the addin I am running, I wont be able to check until I get back to work next week. 


You can see the while statment in that screenshot, it shouldn't be endless as it is counting up until it reaches cycle.botttom it would be generating about 300 lines of g code which may be causing it to time out before it processes all of it. 


I will have a look at it on my computer here at home aswell and let you know if i work it out.


Thank you for your help. 

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in reply to: sam.byrnesKB9TR

That while loop executes only if your Z is smaller than X but then, for positive Y, you keep increasing the X so that loop never ends.


If Y is negative then yes, eventually the loop stops.

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I am having the same issue across multiple computer now.

I am running version 4.1.2 of VS Code and I tried going back a few version and the issue persisted.


I have downloaded a fresh version of the DMG NHX post processor from the Fusion 360 post library and even posting that within VS code it will generate the G Code but I get the 'Failed to interrogate' error. Then if I try to make a minor edit like writeBlock("TEST") or comment out // the set tool coolant line it once again gives the "failed to interrogate" error and the changes dont show up in the G Code.


I have uninstalled VS Code on my computer attempting to do a fresh install but now when I try to reinstall I get an error saying to "uninstall the 32 bit version of VS Code"  


I believe the times I got the "timeout" error could of been due to an endless while loop as @ltomuta suggested but the constant "failed to interrogate" error seems odd, what else could be causing this?


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in reply to: sam.byrnesKB9TR

I´ve tried the same with the post you mentioned, still cannot reproduce it.

Does postprocessing work at all in VS Code for you?


Does this directory exist on your computer? C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Local\Temp\AutodeskPostUtility\Properties

Principal Technology Consultant
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in reply to: AchimN

I can post process in VS Code but it seems as soon as I make an edit to the post processor it wont generate the new G Code.

I have attached a screenshot of the directory you mentioned 

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in reply to: sam.byrnesKB9TR

Can you share the post with your edits which fails to generate Gcode?

Principal Technology Consultant
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Eventually I got it to work again. I am unsure of what the issue was or how I fixed it (which is annoying).


Thank you for your Help.

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