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Using the multi axis, rotary axis

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Using the multi axis, rotary axis

When building a tool path for the rotary axis, how do you control/or set the depth of cut?  or make multiple passes.  When I generate a tool path it just goes directly to the surface of my design which does not work.   I need to make a tool path with multiple passes to get down to the final product.

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Hi @kimballtZNL6D 

Thanks for posting to the Fusion 360 Forum. 

I did check your question and in this case, I would like to suggest the Rotary- parallel is the Finishing toolpath in this toolpath step down is not possible. (Rotary overview).


With the Rotary counter, we can add the depth of cuts as required.

(Rotary -Contour).

The rotary pocket also has the option for depth of cuts. (Rotary Pocket)







Pradip Mistry

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Chris Benner
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