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Using Machine builder to create a 6-axis robot arm based machine

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Using Machine builder to create a 6-axis robot arm based machine

Hi, I'm attempting to use the machine builder tool in fusion 360 to define a general purpose manufacturing rig that I am working on for my university capstone project. This machine uses a UR3e as it's motion system which interacts with stationary tools to perform additive or subtractive processes. I'd like to simulate the machine to validate the frame configuration and component placement (ensure no collisions) and thought fusions machine builder might be able to do this. Is this possible with fusions current tools or should I be looking elsewhere?

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Hi @riley.n.m.miles,


As a proviso I am not sure of the answer to this having never tried it however I suspect the answer would be no. Fusions machine builder will likely not be able to cope with multiple rotary axis's in the same orientation, which the arm would have. The system would have no way to know which axis to move as both could be used to bring the tool into the correct location. 


You can give it a go, it wouldn't be much work to try it but I suspect your out of luck.


Only decent way I know of dealing with this is Powermill. It has a robot plugin designed to do exactly this which works really well, if you are a student you may be able to get this via the university.

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Id say its not feasible to do in fusion though it may be possible. I don't think I could do it tho.


Nc-simul is more what you're looking for I think

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I am very certain that fusion can't do what I need, but I will be trying the software you have suggested as well as RoboDK which I know has the capabilities I need (just if I can do that in the free trial to avoid the $6500 license :p).
Thank you.
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in reply to: drd_808

thanks! NC-simul is now on the list of software to try.
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Hello @riley.n.m.miles,

This forum is correct with respect to the machine builder in Fusion 360 Manufacturing, it is not at the point that it can support 6-axis robots, such as the UR3e. Also as was mentioned, PowerMill has been able to drive robots for at least 15 years.


What you are trying for is possible in the Design workspace with Joints, though it is not as intuitive as one might wish.
There is an innovation team that has been working on how visualize robot motion in Fusion 360, I can connect you with them if you're interested in seeing if that might help you.


Let me know here or by direct message.


Justin F.

Sr. Technical Specialist

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