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Using Fusion for my Swiss lathe

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Using Fusion for my Swiss lathe

I am constantly getting code for use on our swiss style lathes and altering the g code to run. Thought I would start to alter a post to do some of the work for me. 

How can I make the post flip all the Z directions? I need all moves that were Z negative to be positive and vise versa?

attached it the post I am starting with, thank you.

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You're in for a lot of work. I'll attach the post I use for my Swiss with a Mitsubishi control, it may give you some ideas.


My machine has a B-Axis so there's a lot of functionality built into my post to make it all work correctly. In my tool library I designate the tools like this:


OD Turning tools Main or Sub - Turret 1

B axis tools(live or static) for $1 - Turret 2

Axial tools for $2 - Turret 3

Radial Tools for $2 - Turret 4


Best of luck!


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in reply to: tonyFTPQQ

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in reply to: BrandonTBFBF

Hey Brandon,

Any idea what it would take to modify that to work on Nomura NN32YB2?

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in reply to: rgollob

Unfortunately I don't. Those machines are all so different.


You could always use it just to generate tool paths and hand code the rest.

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in reply to: BrandonTBFBF

Thanks for the reply. Thats what we currently do and looking to eliminate the hand coding. 

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