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User default settings dosen't update between multiple computers

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User default settings dosen't update between multiple computers


I regularly work in fusion 360 cam and often switch between two different computers to work from.
Of course, I use the same account on both computers.


When I change a parameter in an operation and press "save as user default".
When I log out of the computer, then log in to my other computer.
Fusion does not seem to update my "default settings" on the new computer, despite the fact that I am logged in with the same account. It is very frustrating not being able to trust fusion that the default settings always is the same.

Sometimes I also find that all default settings are reset on both computers to system default settings. I think this happens when fusion updates.

Is there any solution to these problems?


Best regards

Max Bursell

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under Manufacture; 
2024-01-08-Autodesk Fusion 360.png

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in reply to: programming2C78B

I would wish this happened automatically via the cloud. but okay 😕

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in reply to: maxSE6ML

It should happen automatically, and be shared with your other machines via the Cloud -- same way as for other preferences.


There is a known problem today, though, with this. When you save defaults -- either for a paremeter or for a whole operation -- it doesn't immediately update the file that holds these settings. So if you shut down too quickly, it may not remember them. You can try to kick this by setting some other preference setting -- e.g., others in Manufacture -- then go back and change it back to its previous setting.


This should cause the file to be properly updated.



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