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Usepolarmode Post processing (HAAS NGC)

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Usepolarmode Post processing (HAAS NGC)

Im trying this usepolarmode on our Haas UMC-750. Everyting works ok, but there is something i would like to add/change to the post processor:


N25 T14 M6
N30 S1100 M3
N35 G54
N40 G53 G0 X-736.6 Y-203.2
N45 M11
N50 M13
N55 G0 B0. C-173.66
N60 G0 X-226.385 Y0.
N65 G43 Z10. H14
N70 G0 C6.34
N75 Z5.  <------- (( I would like to add G00 or G01 here, for some reason the Z axis crashed to Z5. (it doesn't sounds good at all)))
N80 G1 Z0. F1000.
N85 G93 X-226.3 C6.144 F320.921



Can someone point me in the right direction as to how to change this in the post processor, im using latest haas ngc post.





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Hi @patrik80tre 


there is no way to achieve only this.

i.e. we can change the code outputting the move and change it from modal to forced output. So, we will have either G0/1/2/3 on every moves.

But adding a G0 or G1 only on this line is impossible.

It is probably generated by the onRapid5D function (eventually the onRapid), that is called for other lines.

We can eventually try to force the G0, only inside the onRapid5D, this may solve this issue, but also "add" G0 elsewhere in the program.


If you want to try, edit the onRapid5D function.

And add the commented line.

  var c = cOutput.format(_c);

  gMotionModal.reset();  // ADSK forcing G0 or G1 output

  if (x || y || z || a || b || c) {




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