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Use Manufacturing Model Without Reselecting All References/Geometry

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Use Manufacturing Model Without Reselecting All References/Geometry

I have 2 parts which are milled using a 4th axis and are nearly identical, only a hole size changes for which I have created a new manufacturing model. This change only affects 3 toolpaths while this entire setup consists of about 30+ toolpaths. The geometry of this part led to a lot of very difficult and finicky selection of cutting surfaces as well as tool orientations. I have duplicated the setup and chosen to use the manufacturing model, but it has cleared all my references.


My objective is to minimize time, effort, and risk of error. Is there a way to utilize the manufacturing model without having to reselect every single reference and surface for all the toolpaths?

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There are a couple ways I can think of,


Duplicate the setup and then protect all the tool path in the original. Then use push/pull on the features you need to change and change the operations to match.  




Import the second model into the same project, duplicate the setup, edit the operations you need by selecting features on the second model

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Thank you for your reply. I believe the 2nd solution should work. How do you mean "import the second model into the same project", how do I do that?
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With the original model (project) open click the "show data panel" button in the top left (its looks like a 3x3 grid) then find the second model in the drop down and drag and drop anywhere in the part work area you have open. Then use move/copy to align them

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Gotcha, actually its a manufacturing model that is in the same project, but I should still be able to save a copy of it, make my modifications, insert the new model into the existing project, align and overlay it on top of the existing model, and only edit the required toolpaths according to the new model and leave the remainding toolpaths referenced to the original model.

Thank you for the idea!

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