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Unwanted C-axis movement in mulit-axis toolpath

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Unwanted C-axis movement in mulit-axis toolpath



I am trying to get a good multi-axis toolpath for a mold on a 5-axis head head machine. I'm happy with the toolpath but the C-axis rotates everytime the tool is vertical (see attached video). is there any way i can restrict the movements of the C-axis? i just want the B-axis to swivel back and forth to avoid getting artifacts in the surface of the mould. The operation that I used is Parallel with multiaxis enabled, tool axis is set to "from curve"  with a sketched straight line above the workpiece.  I attached the Fusion file and a video of the simulation.


Hopefully someone can help me out. 


Thanks in advance!


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You are getting what is called a Singularity where when the tool axis is inline with the Caxis there are infinite solutions to the C axis position.


How to Fix this in Fusion I am not sure though.


There are settings in the Machine configuration that should allow for adjustment of singularities but they don't seem to have any effect in this case:



an option for a toolpath that would avoid those singularities is the Flow(Preview) toolpath with the additional multiaxis options turned on also in Preview:



This toolpath can machine along the channel rather than across but still use the from curve multi axis mode, see what you think.



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Thanks! Your explanation makes sense, sad there is no foolproof way to control the axis movements when these singularities occur. Thanks for your suggestion, i will try to play a little more with the settings you showed.

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