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UNDEFINED being posted out between 2D contour toolpaths

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UNDEFINED being posted out between 2D contour toolpaths



I am getting UNDEFINED posted out of when I use the same tool to do separate 2D contour toolpaths. Below is an example of what is posted out - 


8 TOOL CALL 17 Z S3200
9 M6
10 L X-1.4 Y-23.7 R0 FMAX M3
11 L Z+15 R0 FMAX
12 L Z-2.5 FMAX M8
13 L Z-6.5 F333
14 L Z-14.5
15 L Y-24.1 F200
16 CC X-1 Y-24.1
17 C X-1 Y-24.5 DR+
18 L X+25.5
19 CC X+25.5 Y-24.1
20 C X+25.9 Y-24.1 DR+
21 L Y-23.7
22 L Z+5 FMAX
23 L X-1.4 FMAX
24 L Z-2.5 FMAX
25 L Z-6.5 F333
26 L Z-14.5
27 L Y-24.1 F200
28 CC X-1 Y-24.1
29 C X-1 Y-24.5 DR+
30 L X+25.5
31 CC X+25.5 Y-24.1
32 C X+25.9 Y-24.1 DR+
33 L Y-23.7
34 L Z+15 FMAX
35 L X+26.4 Y-22.8 R0 FMAX M3
36 L Z+15 R0 FMAX
37 L Z+0 FMAX undefined
38 L Z-4 F333
39 L Z-14.5
40 L Y-22.4 F200
41 CC X+26 Y-22.4
42 C X+26 Y-22 DR+
43 L X-1
44 CC X-1 Y-22.4
45 C X-1.4 Y-22.4 DR+
46 L Y-22.8
47 L Z+5 FMAX
48 L X+26.4 FMAX
49 L Z+0 FMAX
50 L Z-4 F333
51 L Z-14.5
52 L Y-22.4 F200
53 CC X+26 Y-22.4
54 C X+26 Y-22 DR+
55 L X-1
56 CC X-1 Y-22.4
57 C X-1.4 Y-22.4 DR+
58 L Y-22.8
59 L Z+15 FMAX
60 L X+27.4 Y-7.2 R0 FMAX M3
61 L Z+15 R0 FMAX
62 L Z+5 FMAX undefined
63 L Z+1 F333
64 L Z-5
65 L X+27 Y-5 RL F200
66 L X+0
67 L X-2
68 L X-2.4 Y-7.2 R0
69 L Z+5 FMAX
70 L X+27.4 FMAX
71 L Z+1 F333
72 L Z-5
73 L X+27 Y-5 RL F200
74 L X+0
75 L X-2
76 L X-2.4 Y-7.2 R0
77 L Z+15 FMAX
78 M9
79 M5
80 L Z+0 R0 FMAX M91
81 M25
Does anyone know what in the post could be causing this?
Thanks in advance,


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in reply to: olly.pooleDL

What are you using for a post, and is it the supplied generic one for your control, or is it one that you've modified to your liking?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Hi Seth,

I am using a modified Heidenhain 407 post.


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