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Unable to select certain pockets for toolpath?

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Unable to select certain pockets for toolpath?



I have a pretty simple model with a few recessions in a flat surface that I want to cut out as pockets with my CNC machine.


Some pockets, I can select just fine and make the toolpath. Others however, show very strange effects when I select them and I am unable to successfully create a toolpath.


I've attached an image of the pocket that DOESN'T work (mind you, many of the others ones don't work either... like some of the bars on the signal strength icon)... and the f3z file which has the pocket that works with a successful toolpath.


Thanks for any guidance!

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in reply to: mike6789

There is something strange going on with the sketches and extrusions, I have no idea what is going on..

However I did as follows to make it possible to machine.

1. In Design, Create sketch on "top" plane, where the pockets are.

2 "Project" all surfaces including the "moon"? in the middle of the "eye"

3. "Finish sketch" (Sketch4)

4. Delete "Extrude3", "Extrude4" and "Extrude5"

5. "Extrude" all pockets in Sketch4 -0,5mm -> Extrude12

6. In Manufacture, reselect "new" pockets.

7. In "Linking" tab, change "Minimum Ramp Diameter" to 0,5mm


As I said in the beginning, I have No Clue what is wrong with the original extrusions, some of them selected big parts, they appears as shadows on selection

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in reply to: mike6789

Thank you for providing steps to a method to resolve this issue and demonstrating it with a modification to the file I had a problem with!! I can't thank you enough!!!!!

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