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Unable to post G code

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Unable to post G code

I'm having issues posting programs, it will not even work for jobs already posted previously. It says to download visual studio which I have done yet the issue still persists.


Any help?

Post error.png

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in reply to: mriach

In the dialog box you posted there is a View Error Log entry, what does it say?

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John Hackney

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in reply to: jhackney1972

Figured it out, it is because I was using the wrong post! Long day

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in reply to: mriach

I have the same problem. How did you solve it?

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in reply to: martin_kasman

Mine was pretty simple, I had forgot to change the machine over from our lathe to our milling machine, so it was trying to post a milling program to a lathe.

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in reply to: mriach

Thanks for the answer, unfortunately I have it all right there, so the problem persists.
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in reply to: mriach

Hello @mriach 


Let's clarify some information’s.
Downloading VSCode will not solve anything.
Fusion may advise to download it, in order to view the log file.
But it will never fix anything.
If you have a text editor defined for displaying the gcode, whatever the software is, it will be OK.
We may preselect VSCode, but it's not a fix tool, it only for viewing.
Defining the external editor can be done in the preferences:



My setting is currently undefined, but I have VSCode installed. Previously the setting was pointing to Notepad++ executable. (An update has probably moved the file to another folder containing a different version number)


Regarding the mix / turning milling, it seems strange, except if it's a turn mill post.

Because, if we try to post a milling toolpath with a turning post, we should get the following error message:




But if it's a turn mill post, it will attempt to process the file.


The erroring lathe post is from the standard library, or is it a modified post?

If it's an unmodified library post, it will be interesting to know which one, for checking it.




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