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Hi everyone fusion is great been using it for milling for years. But now I have just changed jobs, and everything is turning go a new haas lathe coming in the next few days. I need to get my head around fusion cam turning.

So, I’m going to be making gaskets with serrated raised faces my fusion doesn’t support face grooving or does it I’m on the trial version will it be different if I purchase the full version?

Also, the raised faces are the same on each size of gasket so can I save that detail as a template to add to each difference size of ring gasket?

One more thing is the more learning tutorials on the paid full version.




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in reply to: neilC6X7Z

@neilC6X7Z I can answer your grooving question. The current "groove" strategy doesn't explicitly support face grooving but you can make it do face grooving by selecting a tool with a Z insert. The groove finishing strategy has an explicit face mode. We are currently working on a new and updated groove roughing strategy that will also have an explicit face grooving mode. Good luck and let me know if you have any other toolpath-related questions.



Akash Kamoolkar
Software Development Manager
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in reply to: neilC6X7Z

It is strongly suggested in the case you are using the software in a commercial setting (making parts for profit) That you purchase a commercial license.


As far as your question, there should be no difference, to the best of my knowledge, between the available tool paths in a paid or personal license. the only modifier would be the Manufacturing extension package that gives you multi-axis and editing tools.

Zak Welsh
Zakary Welsh Machine LLC

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