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Turning Simulation Graphic Errors

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Turning Simulation Graphic Errors

For the post couple months, the material simulation on turning has a major problem. It seems to indicate there is a crash, which is removing material but this is actually not the case.

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Your video doesn't show the report, hover over the red marks in the timeline.  I am guessing that they are "Rapid collision with stock".

There are rapid moves where the insert is touching or nearly touching the stock at the very first point of the rapid retract.  So that is a rapid move that touches stock.  Simulation highlights the tool red for the whole move, even though it is only the first instant that is touching.

We have already fixed that.  You will get that fix in an upcoming release.  Simulation won't show the whole move as colliding if only part of it does.

We have also improved the way rapid retracts are handled so it probably won't report any problems with your example.

Brek Miller

Software Engineer

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