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Turning questions for beginners

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Turning questions for beginners

Hi Guys,
I'm not really using Fusion for Turning so far because i always thought it's just too complicated... I would like to get more into it since i'm using it for milling every day and there it's just way more intuitive (at least for me)

Is there a way for roughing that works similar like the 3D-Adaptive in milling? I feel like i have to adjust so many parameters every time right now, it just takes way too long for me until i have a satisfying result.

I've attached a file with which i've been playing around a little. For example, after i drilled the hole, the boring bar want's to go straight through the rest of the Material and also Feeds all the way without recognizing the rest material. 
How do you guys handle that in the easiest way? Similar with the roughing of the outer Profile.. 

So as i said, i've never really used the turning functions! Sorry in advance for the stupid questions 😉 I'm sure a Pro here can help me to push me into the right direction!

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@weber_dominic you can set your back limit to the front face of the small hole in the back so the tool does not enter it. And you can turn on "rest machining" in the geometry tab so the tool doesn't cut air.



Akash Kamoolkar
Software Development Manager

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