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Turning ID with radial grooving leaves unmachined material

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Turning ID with radial grooving leaves unmachined material

I'm turning a relatively simple part that has a wide internal groove and chamfers at both ends.  Thus, it needs a 2nd Setup for after re-chucking the part.  But the paths for cutting the internal groove leave a ridge of unmachined material in the center.  This is independent of vertical or horizontal passes, or forward/backward/both direction for horizontal passes.  


In the image "2nd setup, close-up," the cutter is moving in the direction of the red arrow, even though it has plenty of room to continue horizontally.  It's as if there's a construction plane parallel to (and coincident with) the face of the cutter, and it won't let that plane collide with the internal shoulder of the part, even when the actual cutter itself wouldn't collide.  I hope that makes sense.  The last image is set to vertical passes, but with the same result.


@akash.kamoolkar , @seth.madore , I've seen that you both do yeoman's work on these forums.  Any ideas?


Many thanks,




Full part, section viewFull part, section view1st setup, ID boring1st setup, ID boring2nd setup, ID boring2nd setup, ID boring2nd setup, close-up2nd setup, close-up2nd setup, vertical passes2nd setup, vertical passes

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Hi @kidd.milan,


I understand what you mean but the toolpath itsef calculates from the backside angle of the tool to radial groove the part.

Changing the insert to a other angle size insert you see it turns the profile perfectly.





So you have to change your insert type to get what you want.


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Marco Takx
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@Marco.Takx , thank you!  So my intuition was correct on how it calculates the tool path.


Just this morning I realized that I could use an ID grooving tool to machine the groove out all in one go.  It could also do the chamfer at the chuck end, thus eliminating the need for a re-chucking.


All the best,



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