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Turning. how to machine the bore only, not the bottom face and have a user defined retraction distance

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Turning. how to machine the bore only, not the bottom face and have a user defined retraction distance

Hi -I have a part that I need to use a 25Ø boring bar. The bore is pre-drilled with a 25Ø U-drill. 

The cut depth is 2mm which @25+4mm giving me a 29Ø bore, which just clears the back of the boring bar on the first cut.

My problem is that I can't stop the bottom facing operation and it is causing the back of the boring bar to hit the bore.

I don't need in this instance, to face the bottom of the bore.

how can I control the retraction to say, X-0.2mm and preferable with a 45° retract?

Any help would be really appreciated. 

Thank you Paul

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What is your inner radius set to?

By default its Stock ID which on solid stock is 0 so it wants to face to center.

If you set the "From" to diameter and specify it as 29 to give a -0.2mm in the clearance it should work(set clearance to from inner radius)




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Hi -thank you for your response. I have tried setting the inner radius as you have suggested and it goes red if it is any greater than 25Ø, U drill Size. I think this may confuse it, as the retract would be indication a gouge into the stock. Obviously it wouldn't because the material would be machined away by the time it needed to retract) I have also tried the -0.2 setting without success.

I think if I could stop the facing on the bottom of the bore, it would help.

If I have not fallen over the command to sort this problem, I wonder if the Fusion has altered, because I'm sure used to be able to achieve this.

Regards Paul

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@paul.slaterMZZFE can you attach your file here so I can take a look at the issue?



Akash Kamoolkar
Software Development Manager
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hi -sorry for the delay. please see attached file. I have tried the "no dragging" option set at 1° & 89° and this also has no effect. Another problem I have noticed is that the boring bar rapids in to 0.5mm in Z and I don't see anywhere in the setup that has this value? I have tried everything I can think of to prevent the bottom of the bore being faced.

I hope you can help, Regard's Paul

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I don't know where you can select that retract value. Need a last pass minus an amount check box in there. I attached with breaking it up into 2 paths.

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Hi -thank you for your help. It is obviously an effective workaround. I don't feel as a user we should be having to go to this trouble.
Everyone wants to use the largest diameter boring bar they can, so it's a problem for everyone.
It needs a tick box for "face bottom" and a box for "retract distance and retract angle"
Thank you for your help Regards Paul.
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Hi -did you manage to get anywhere with the problem please?
Regards Paul
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The 45 degree retract isn't going to be possible on the Roughing toolpath, sorry. 

I'm a bit uncertain though; 

The tool barely fits into the bore initially, right? You then take a 2mm depth of cut, opening up the bore 4mm. You then retract in the X direction 2mm, since that is your depth of cut. There should still be 2mm of clearance on the backside of the boring bar, right?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Seth -thank you for picking up on this. I can see where you are coming from with your question. however the 25Ø boring bar as a dimeter from tip to back is around 32Ø due to the offset on the tip and pocket  (bear in mind there is around 35mm of relief behind the tip in Z to where it makes the full 25Ø of the shank) so in actual fact, it is actually making a hole in front of itself that it can get down with only the slightest clearance on the shank, hence wanting to NOT face the bottom down by 2mm and retracting by 0.2mm. This particular part does not need the bottom facing anyway.

Kind regards Paul

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