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Turning: Depth of cut on vertical passes

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Turning: Depth of cut on vertical passes

Hello Fusionistas,


I have another small question for you. Let's say you are turning something that looks like a plate - like the ones you put food on. Also let's say that you are mostly using boring bars for the operation. Because of the nature of the item, you are doing vertical passes only.

In that case, the "Depth of cut" parameter should control the advance of the cutter in the Z direction only.

In my case, for very shallow sections, the program gets confused and it thinks it should use the depth of cut parameter for X direction.

My question is, do I have a way to constrain the depth of cut to Z? Or do I need to look at a different workaround?


File is included for anyone willing to look. The problem is most evident in "Setup TR" in the roughing pass. Half the time of that operation is spent creeping up on the bottom at a snail pace.


thanks to anyone willing to take a look,


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124.jpgDid you need it?

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in reply to: RoccoHilton


Thanks for the solution. I always have a bit of a clearance angle when I do horizontal cuts just to make sure the cutter doesn't rub on all sorts of features. I didn't realize I wouldn't need that for a vertical cut like this, and it would actually cause me problems.




I played around with the differences between my file and your fix. It turns out the single item that causes problems is the "Even depth of cut" checkbox.





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@wm_crash We're currently fixing this issue, however, it can be also be fixed by turning on the "spun profile" checkbox in the setup.



Akash Kamoolkar
Software Development Manager

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