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Turn & Tilt around rotary axis?

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Turn & Tilt around rotary axis?

I just saw the update added Turn & Tilt for changing tool orientation. As it happens, I'm working on a 4th-axis project and I do four 3D adaptive roughing passes, each 90° from the previous. Currently I select planes from the Origin cube to set this, but thought it would be nice to use Turn & Tilt.

Unfortunately, it seems the two available directions for the Z-axis do not include a rotation about the rotary (in my case, X) axis.

MacBook Pro, PCNC1100 Series 3, Slant-PRO 15L Lathe, Custom AvidCNC-based 4x9' CNC Router w/24k 4.5 kW HSD Spindle & Teknic SDSK Servos
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in reply to: JetForMe

Hi @JetForMe 

I can see that the new settings may not be the most intuitive for this scenario.

I am trying to understand what your difficulty is without actually seeing the part. Supposing I have understood, I think you need to set your Z axis where your X axis currently is in tool orientation. Hopefully you have a face normal to X to do this. Then Turn will let you set the z axis 90 degree from this and align X correctly again. From there Tilt will help you achieve the 4 positions you wanted. There’s a chance your current solution is actually easier. Another way could be to use the “Align to View” button to set the Tilt and Turn angles automatically to match the current view.


I hope I didn't get this completely wrong


I appreciate this is not intuitive for your use case. We are progressively adding more tools to help setting the tool orientation, possibly using the actual machine configuration as a starting point, and we will keep this scenario in mind for future improvements.

Software Development Manager
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in reply to: emilie.a

Hmm, I went to examine it again to clarify my post, and it seems I can tilt it just fine (tilt around the X/rotary axis). Sorry for the confusion.

MacBook Pro, PCNC1100 Series 3, Slant-PRO 15L Lathe, Custom AvidCNC-based 4x9' CNC Router w/24k 4.5 kW HSD Spindle & Teknic SDSK Servos
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in reply to: emilie.a

Further update: It seems to vary. Some times it will let me turn & tilt around X & Y, and sometimes it's around Z & Y. Not clear when it's one or the other, but it starts out as Z & Y.

MacBook Pro, PCNC1100 Series 3, Slant-PRO 15L Lathe, Custom AvidCNC-based 4x9' CNC Router w/24k 4.5 kW HSD Spindle & Teknic SDSK Servos
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in reply to: JetForMe

Did you get any help on this?   I'm having the same problem - cannot get tilt to work along the correct axis.    Rotary table axis is X.

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in reply to: JetForMe

Is there any definitive answer to this rough issue?


I am trying to use the deburr function using Tool Orientation. I have just finished one job where this worked perfectly. Adjusting the 'Tilt' amount rotated around the X axis, which is where my rotary axis is on the machine. However I have just tried this on another job, and now the Tilt axis is rotating around the Y axis. I can't see how to force a rotations around the X axis.


So this is the setup where it's working properly. First photo shows the setup WCS. Second photo shows a debur cycle with tilt added to rotate around X.




This is the one where it isn't working. First photo shows the WCS, second photo shows that the two rotations are around Z and Y, nothing around X.



Is this Tilt/Turn function referencing the whole workspace WCS direction or something similar maybe?


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in reply to: BWENGUK
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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

Legend, thank you. I had thought of that but it looked very wrong! I have a very self hacked/bodged post processor so thought that might break things. But it appears to have worked, and posted nicely. Cheers, this has helped loads.






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