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Trying to machine an ellipse and seeing step moves in part

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Trying to machine an ellipse and seeing step moves in part

I have a simple part that has an inner hole and ellipse shaped outer. When I machine the part I'm seeing each x/y move in part (see picture). I've tried smoothing, using R vs IJ and it some cases seems a bit better but still not acceptable.


If you look at the picture you can see the small moves (keep in mind I've gone over it a few times and you can see tool marks). But the individual steps I can't understand. I even thought maybe it's the machine but notice the hole in the center. Absolutely perfect. 





Please help

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Could you share your file here? It's not clear from the clipped image of your browser what toolpath may have left that mark.

File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: hkenuam

I think I see the problem. I exported my ellipse as a .dxf and opened it in BobCad and what you see here is what the machine is doing. The outer ellipse I added using BobCad. 




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in reply to: hkenuam your language 😉


Seeing the (Fusion) file would help us to determine if an old bug has popped up again, please share it if you can

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Believe me, I left Bobcad a long long time ago. Fusion has been awesome.


Here is the file- btw, I could not include the file as an attachment.

(T19 D=0.75 CR=0. - ZMIN=-0.4 - flat end mill)
G90 G17
G0 M140
(2D Contour15)
T19 M6
S2500 M3
G0 X5.1171 Y-1.3196 Z0.6
G43 H19
G1 Z-0.325 F100.
G3.4 X5.1015 Y-1.304 Z-0.378
X5.064 Y-1.2665 Z-0.4 F40.
G1 G41 X5.0145 Y-1.217 D19
G3 X4.975 Y-1.3125 I0.0955 J-0.0955
G2 X4.9749 Y-1.3199 I-0.375 J0.
G1 X4.9744 Y-1.3477
G2 X4.9737 Y-1.3634 I-0.3749 J0.0074
G1 X4.972 Y-1.3914
G2 X4.9707 Y-1.4068 I-0.3743 J0.0232
G1 X4.9678 Y-1.435
G2 X4.966 Y-1.4499 I-0.373 J0.0385
G1 X4.9619 Y-1.4783
G2 X4.9593 Y-1.4939 I-0.3712 J0.0535
G1 X4.9539 Y-1.5225
G2 X4.9508 Y-1.5375 I-0.3686 J0.0691
G1 X4.9442 Y-1.5663
G2 X4.9404 Y-1.5813 I-0.3654 J0.0841
G1 X4.9325 Y-1.6101
G2 X4.9282 Y-1.6246 I-0.3617 J0.0992
G1 X4.919 Y-1.6536
G2 X4.9141 Y-1.6679 I-0.3574 J0.1136
G1 X4.9035 Y-1.697
G2 X4.8981 Y-1.7112 I-0.3525 J0.128
G1 X4.8861 Y-1.7403
G2 X4.8805 Y-1.7534 I-0.347 J0.1422
G1 X4.8672 Y-1.7826
G2 X4.861 Y-1.7956 I-0.3413 J0.1553
G1 X4.8463 Y-1.8248
G2 X4.8396 Y-1.8375 I-0.3351 J0.1683
G1 X4.8236 Y-1.8666
G2 X4.8168 Y-1.8784 I-0.3284 J0.181
G1 X4.7994 Y-1.9075
G2 X4.792 Y-1.9193 I-0.3216 J0.1928
G1 X4.7731 Y-1.9483
G2 X4.7657 Y-1.9593 I-0.3142 J0.2046
G1 X4.7453 Y-1.9882
G2 X4.7378 Y-1.9986 I-0.3068 J0.2156
G1 X4.716 Y-2.0274
G2 X4.7083 Y-2.0373 I-0.2993 J0.226
G1 X4.6851 Y-2.0659
G2 X4.6773 Y-2.0753 I-0.2915 J0.2359
G1 X4.6527 Y-2.1037
G2 X4.6448 Y-2.1126 I-0.2837 J0.2452
G1 X4.6188 Y-2.1408
G2 X4.6106 Y-2.1494 I-0.2757 J0.2541
G1 X4.5831 Y-2.1773
G2 X4.5754 Y-2.185 I-0.2675 J0.2628
G1 X4.5467 Y-2.2126
G2 X4.5385 Y-2.2202 I-0.2598 J0.2704
G1 X4.5083 Y-2.2476
G2 X4.5003 Y-2.2546 I-0.2516 J0.278
G1 X4.4687 Y-2.2816
G2 X4.4608 Y-2.2881 I-0.2436 J0.2851
G1 X4.4279 Y-2.3147
G2 X4.4201 Y-2.3209 I-0.2357 J0.2916
G1 X4.3859 Y-2.3471
G2 X4.378 Y-2.353 I-0.228 J0.2977
X3.736 Y-2.6924 I-1.5121 J2.0836
G1 X3.6873 Y-2.711
G2 X3.678 Y-2.7142 I-0.1287 J0.3522
G1 X3.578 Y-2.7478
G2 X3.566 Y-2.7516 I-0.1194 J0.3555
G1 X3.4637 Y-2.7822
G2 X3.4521 Y-2.7854 I-0.1073 J0.3593
G1 X3.3479 Y-2.8129
G2 X3.3366 Y-2.8157 I-0.0957 J0.3626
G1 X3.231 Y-2.8401
G2 X3.2201 Y-2.8425 I-0.0844 J0.3654
G1 X3.1135 Y-2.8638
G2 X3.1029 Y-2.8657 I-0.0735 J0.3677
G1 X2.9957 Y-2.8839
G2 X2.9854 Y-2.8856 I-0.0628 J0.3697
G1 X2.8781 Y-2.9007
G2 X2.868 Y-2.902 I-0.0525 J0.3713
G1 X2.761 Y-2.9142
G2 X2.7512 Y-2.9152 I-0.0425 J0.3726
X1.8488 I-0.4513 J4.556
X1.839 Y-2.9142 I0.0327 J0.3736
G1 X1.732 Y-2.902
G2 X1.7219 Y-2.9007 I0.0425 J0.3726
G1 X1.6146 Y-2.8856
G2 X1.6043 Y-2.8839 I0.0525 J0.3713
G1 X1.4971 Y-2.8657
G2 X1.4865 Y-2.8638 I0.0628 J0.3697
G1 X1.3799 Y-2.8425
G2 X1.369 Y-2.8401 I0.0735 J0.3677
G1 X1.2634 Y-2.8157
G2 X1.2521 Y-2.8129 I0.0844 J0.3654
G1 X1.1479 Y-2.7854
G2 X1.1363 Y-2.7822 I0.0957 J0.3626
G1 X1.034 Y-2.7516
G2 X1.022 Y-2.7478 I0.1073 J0.3593
G1 X0.922 Y-2.7142
G2 X0.9127 Y-2.711 I0.1194 J0.3555
X0.257 Y-2.3793 I0.9056 J2.6047
X0.1799 Y-2.3209 I4.0764 J5.4593
X0.1721 Y-2.3147 I0.2279 J0.2978
G1 X0.1391 Y-2.2881
G2 X0.1312 Y-2.2815 I0.2358 J0.2916
G1 X0.0997 Y-2.2546
G2 X0.0917 Y-2.2475 I0.2437 J0.285
G1 X0.0615 Y-2.2202
G2 X0.0535 Y-2.2127 I0.2517 J0.278
G1 X0.0247 Y-2.1851
G2 X0.0167 Y-2.1772 I0.2597 J0.2705
G1 X-0.0107 Y-2.1493
G2 X-0.0187 Y-2.1408 I0.2677 J0.2626
G1 X-0.0447 Y-2.1126
G2 X-0.0527 Y-2.1037 I0.2757 J0.2542
G1 X-0.0773 Y-2.0753
G2 X-0.0851 Y-2.0659 I0.2836 J0.2453
G1 X-0.1083 Y-2.0373
G2 X-0.1161 Y-2.0274 I0.2915 J0.2359
G1 X-0.1378 Y-1.9986
G2 X-0.1454 Y-1.9881 I0.2993 J0.226
G1 X-0.1657 Y-1.9592
G2 X-0.1731 Y-1.9482 I0.3069 J0.2155
G1 X-0.192 Y-1.9192
G2 X-0.1992 Y-1.9077 I0.3143 J0.2045
G1 X-0.2167 Y-1.8786
G2 X-0.2236 Y-1.8666 I0.3215 J0.193
G1 X-0.2397 Y-1.8374
G2 X-0.2463 Y-1.8249 I0.3284 J0.181
G1 X-0.2609 Y-1.7957
G2 X-0.2672 Y-1.7827 I0.3351 J0.1684
G1 X-0.2804 Y-1.7535
G2 X-0.2863 Y-1.74 I0.3413 J0.1554
G1 X-0.2982 Y-1.7109
G2 X-0.3035 Y-1.697 I0.3471 J0.1419
G1 X-0.3141 Y-1.6679
G2 X-0.319 Y-1.6536 I0.3525 J0.128
G1 X-0.3282 Y-1.6247
G2 X-0.3325 Y-1.6101 I0.3573 J0.1137
G1 X-0.3404 Y-1.5812
G2 X-0.3442 Y-1.5663 I0.3617 J0.0991
G1 X-0.3508 Y-1.5376
G2 X-0.3539 Y-1.5224 I0.3654 J0.0842
G1 X-0.3593 Y-1.4939
G2 X-0.3618 Y-1.4786 I0.3686 J0.0691
G1 X-0.3659 Y-1.4502
G2 X-0.3678 Y-1.4348 I0.3711 J0.0538
G1 X-0.3707 Y-1.4066
G2 X-0.372 Y-1.3912 I0.373 J0.0384
G1 X-0.3737 Y-1.3633
G2 X-0.3744 Y-1.3479 I0.3743 J0.023
G1 X-0.3749 Y-1.3202
G2 Y-1.3048 I0.3749 J0.0077
G1 X-0.3744 Y-1.2771
G2 X-0.3737 Y-1.2617 I0.3749 J-0.0077
G1 X-0.372 Y-1.2338
G2 X-0.3707 Y-1.2184 I0.3743 J-0.023
G1 X-0.3678 Y-1.1902
G2 X-0.3659 Y-1.1748 I0.373 J-0.0384
G1 X-0.3618 Y-1.1464
G2 X-0.3593 Y-1.1311 I0.3711 J-0.0538
G1 X-0.3539 Y-1.1026
G2 X-0.3508 Y-1.0874 I0.3686 J-0.0691
G1 X-0.3442 Y-1.0587
G2 X-0.3404 Y-1.0438 I0.3654 J-0.0842
G1 X-0.3325 Y-1.0149
G2 X-0.3282 Y-1.0003 I0.3617 J-0.0991
G1 X-0.319 Y-0.9714
G2 X-0.3141 Y-0.9571 I0.3573 J-0.1137
G1 X-0.3035 Y-0.928
G2 X-0.2982 Y-0.9141 I0.3525 J-0.128
G1 X-0.2863 Y-0.885
G2 X-0.2804 Y-0.8715 I0.3471 J-0.1419
G1 X-0.2672 Y-0.8423
G2 X-0.2609 Y-0.8293 I0.3413 J-0.1554
G1 X-0.2463 Y-0.8001
G2 X-0.2397 Y-0.7876 I0.3351 J-0.1684
G1 X-0.2236 Y-0.7584
G2 X-0.2167 Y-0.7464 I0.3284 J-0.181
G1 X-0.1992 Y-0.7173
G2 X-0.192 Y-0.7058 I0.3215 J-0.193
G1 X-0.1731 Y-0.6768
G2 X-0.1657 Y-0.6658 I0.3143 J-0.2045
G1 X-0.1454 Y-0.6369
G2 X-0.1378 Y-0.6264 I0.3069 J-0.2155
G1 X-0.1161 Y-0.5976
G2 X-0.1083 Y-0.5877 I0.2993 J-0.226
G1 X-0.0851 Y-0.5591
G2 X-0.0773 Y-0.5497 I0.2915 J-0.2359
G1 X-0.0527 Y-0.5213
G2 X-0.0447 Y-0.5124 I0.2836 J-0.2453
G1 X-0.0187 Y-0.4842
G2 X-0.0107 Y-0.4757 I0.2757 J-0.2542
G1 X0.0167 Y-0.4478
G2 X0.0247 Y-0.4399 I0.2677 J-0.2626
G1 X0.0535 Y-0.4123
G2 X0.0615 Y-0.4048 I0.2597 J-0.2705
G1 X0.0917 Y-0.3775
G2 X0.0997 Y-0.3704 I0.2517 J-0.278
G1 X0.1312 Y-0.3435
G2 X0.1391 Y-0.3369 I0.2437 J-0.285
G1 X0.1721 Y-0.3103
G2 X0.1799 Y-0.3041 I0.2358 J-0.2916
X0.8641 Y0.0671 I1.5307 J-2.005
G1 X0.9127 Y0.086
G2 X0.922 Y0.0892 I0.1287 J-0.3522
G1 X1.022 Y0.1228
G2 X1.034 Y0.1266 I0.1194 J-0.3555
G1 X1.1363 Y0.1572
G2 X1.1479 Y0.1604 I0.1073 J-0.3593
G1 X1.2521 Y0.1879
G2 X1.2634 Y0.1907 I0.0957 J-0.3626
G1 X1.369 Y0.2151
G2 X1.3799 Y0.2175 I0.0844 J-0.3654
G1 X1.4865 Y0.2388
G2 X1.4971 Y0.2407 I0.0735 J-0.3677
G1 X1.6043 Y0.2589
G2 X1.6146 Y0.2606 I0.0628 J-0.3697
G1 X1.7219 Y0.2757
G2 X1.732 Y0.277 I0.0525 J-0.3713
G1 X1.839 Y0.2892
G2 X1.8488 Y0.2902 I0.0425 J-0.3726
X2.7512 I0.4513 J-4.5564
X2.761 Y0.2892 I-0.0327 J-0.3736
G1 X2.868 Y0.277
G2 X2.8781 Y0.2757 I-0.0425 J-0.3726
G1 X2.9854 Y0.2606
G2 X2.9957 Y0.2589 I-0.0525 J-0.3713
G1 X3.1029 Y0.2407
G2 X3.1135 Y0.2388 I-0.0628 J-0.3697
G1 X3.2201 Y0.2175
G2 X3.231 Y0.2151 I-0.0735 J-0.3677
G1 X3.3366 Y0.1907
G2 X3.3479 Y0.1879 I-0.0844 J-0.3654
G1 X3.4521 Y0.1604
G2 X3.4637 Y0.1572 I-0.0957 J-0.3626
G1 X3.566 Y0.1266
G2 X3.578 Y0.1228 I-0.1073 J-0.3593
G1 X3.678 Y0.0892
G2 X3.6873 Y0.086 I-0.1194 J-0.3555
X4.3429 Y-0.2456 I-0.9055 J-2.6046
G1 X4.378 Y-0.272
G2 X4.3859 Y-0.2779 I-0.22 J-0.3037
G1 X4.4201 Y-0.3041
G2 X4.4279 Y-0.3103 I-0.228 J-0.2977
G1 X4.4608 Y-0.3369
G2 X4.4687 Y-0.3434 I-0.2357 J-0.2916
G1 X4.5003 Y-0.3704
G2 X4.5083 Y-0.3774 I-0.2436 J-0.2851
G1 X4.5385 Y-0.4048
G2 X4.5467 Y-0.4124 I-0.2516 J-0.278
G1 X4.5754 Y-0.44
G2 X4.5831 Y-0.4477 I-0.2598 J-0.2704
G1 X4.6106 Y-0.4756
G2 X4.6188 Y-0.4842 I-0.2675 J-0.2628
G1 X4.6448 Y-0.5124
G2 X4.6527 Y-0.5213 I-0.2757 J-0.2541
G1 X4.6773 Y-0.5497
G2 X4.6851 Y-0.5591 I-0.2837 J-0.2452
G1 X4.7083 Y-0.5877
G2 X4.716 Y-0.5976 I-0.2915 J-0.2359
G1 X4.7378 Y-0.6264
G2 X4.7453 Y-0.6368 I-0.2993 J-0.226
G1 X4.7657 Y-0.6657
G2 X4.7731 Y-0.6767 I-0.3068 J-0.2156
G1 X4.792 Y-0.7057
G2 X4.7994 Y-0.7175 I-0.3142 J-0.2046
G1 X4.8168 Y-0.7466
G2 X4.8236 Y-0.7584 I-0.3216 J-0.1928
G1 X4.8396 Y-0.7875
G2 X4.8463 Y-0.8002 I-0.3284 J-0.181
G1 X4.861 Y-0.8294
G2 X4.8672 Y-0.8424 I-0.3351 J-0.1683
G1 X4.8805 Y-0.8716
G2 X4.8861 Y-0.8847 I-0.3413 J-0.1553
G1 X4.8981 Y-0.9138
G2 X4.9035 Y-0.928 I-0.347 J-0.1422
G1 X4.9141 Y-0.9571
G2 X4.919 Y-0.9714 I-0.3525 J-0.128
G1 X4.9282 Y-1.0004
G2 X4.9325 Y-1.0149 I-0.3574 J-0.1136
G1 X4.9404 Y-1.0437
G2 X4.9442 Y-1.0587 I-0.3617 J-0.0992
G1 X4.9508 Y-1.0875
G2 X4.9539 Y-1.1025 I-0.3654 J-0.0841
G1 X4.9593 Y-1.1311
G2 X4.9619 Y-1.1467 I-0.3686 J-0.0691
G1 X4.966 Y-1.1751
G2 X4.9678 Y-1.19 I-0.3712 J-0.0535
G1 X4.9707 Y-1.2182
G2 X4.972 Y-1.2336 I-0.373 J-0.0385
G1 X4.9737 Y-1.2616
G2 X4.9744 Y-1.2773 I-0.3743 J-0.0232
G1 X4.9749 Y-1.3051
X4.975 Y-1.3088
G3 X5.0145 Y-1.408 I0.135 J0. F200.
G1 G40 X5.064 Y-1.3585
G3.4 X5.1015 Y-1.321 Z-0.378
X5.1171 Y-1.3054 Z-0.325
G0 Z0.6
G91 G28

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Oh, not the NC code, but the actual Fusion file.

File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d/f3z file in your reply.


What post processor are you using?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Here ya go. 


Thanks in advance

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Change your Tolerance on the 2D Contour toolpath, from .001" to .0001". Leave your Smoothing at .001".

These black dots represent toolpath points, Before and After:




Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: hkenuam

Bulk of the resulting G-code:

N150 X5.064 Y-1.2665 Z-0.4
N155 G41 X5.0145 Y-1.217 D19
N160 G3 X4.975 Y-1.3125 I0.0955 J-0.0955
N165 G1 Y-1.3168
N170 G2 X4.7928 Y-1.9163 I-1.117 J0.0119
N175 X4.4418 Y-2.3025 I-1.2735 J0.8048
N180 X3.899 Y-2.6259 I-1.431 J1.7847
N185 X3.1067 Y-2.8642 I-1.3752 J3.1364
N190 X1.1982 Y-2.8001 I-0.808 J4.3902
N195 X0.4924 Y-2.5258 I0.8542 J3.2426
N200 X0.0201 Y-2.1818 I1.0561 J1.9464
N205 X-0.2857 Y-1.7439 I1.0182 J1.0368
N210 X-0.353 Y-1.0949 I1.0077 J0.4325
N215 X-0.0786 Y-0.5526 I1.2062 J-0.2698
N220 X0.3309 Y-0.1976 I1.3305 J-1.1213
N225 X0.9177 Y0.0868 I1.4316 J-2.2056
N230 X1.9034 Y0.2944 I1.2836 J-3.6525
N235 X3.4307 Y0.1673 I0.4026 J-4.4031
N240 X4.132 Y-0.1127 I-0.8647 J-3.1841
N245 X4.5817 Y-0.445 I-1.0703 J-1.9188
N250 X4.8855 Y-0.8808 I-1.017 J-1.0329
N255 X4.9755 Y-1.3125 I-1.045 J-0.443
N260 G1 X4.9757 Y-1.3213 F200.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Well, the most certainly made it much better. The rest might be feeds and speeds related. Thanks so much for the help. Fusion360 rocks!




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