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Trying to create a toolpath

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Trying to create a toolpath

Hey Guys, I am trying to create a toolpath in the attached file. I know it is complex and fusion is not wanting to process it. What I am trying to do is set this up as a plasma cut but I want to scribe this sketch instead of plasma cutting it. I am running fusion 360, Crossfire Pro table, Hypertherm 45XP, Easyscriber tool installed in the torch. I have tried DXF file, SVG file with no luck. Extruded the sketch with no luck, no extrusion and no luck. I tried creating the setup and profile with a milling tool setup and got a tool path with that but it will not create the NC file to send to crossfire pro. says invalid tool. Can anyone guide me in the right direction?


Thanks, Glenn

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There are a couple of things that take a long time to calculate with cutting toolpaths. One is lead positions, from your description of what you're doing I don't think you need them so turn them off. Also set piercing clearance to zero.


The next time consumer is sort order. I just selected preserve order so Fusion doesn't try finding the shortest root. Also set the tolerance to 0.002", centre compensation and the toolpath calculated in about 5 minutes. See attached file.



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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Man, That worked perfect. I went back to my sketch and followed your instructions and it procced perfectly.

I can't thank you enough.



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Hello Mr. Hughes, Do you have time to help me with this sketch attached. It is the same one you helped me with yesterday. I have added an offset to the outside sketch line so when I get done scribing the inside I can plasma cut the outer line. I think there is a way to incorporate both functions in one saved sketch but you are the expert. I know I will have to pause the file and change the scribe over to the plasma consumables to cut out the outside line. I think I got the profiles for both but cannot figure out how to make them be one sketch. Also when I do the cut path for the outside cut it will not let me run the cut from the outside it keeps showing up on the inside which will leave a cut line in my finished part. Thank You again for your help. 

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Attached is the file

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I've opened up CAM-51352 to investigate the time investment in this toolpath calculation.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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