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Trumpf 3030 laser

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Trumpf 3030 laser

How do I make Fusion 360 talk to a Trumpf 3030 laser?

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Hi @jakub_tomaszewski3VCJ8 


Once the cutting path had been created in Fusion, you can use the adequate post processor to generate the gcode file.

This file then need to be moved onto the machine controller.

Such a post already exit in our library:

Direct link:


Link to the general library




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Technical Consultant
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Thank you for your response.


We do have Fusion 360, but we do not have what you called "post processor" to generate the code.
What is that? Is that a part of what Fusion can do for us? What I am trying to avoid is the need for the Tumpf processing software and was hoping I can get that done with Fusion.


Can you help me understand how I get from dwg/dxf to the coded file Trumpf 3030 will understand, using Fusion 360 and whatever other program that does not cost $20k...?

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Educate yourself with this video:


Fusion 360 Tutorial: Post Process using the new NC Program (



Technical Consultant
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So if I understand this correctly, the post processing is now an integral part of Fusion and we will not need a separate post processor software to generate the LST files to upload to the laser table?

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correct!!! Treat it as NC file and load it to the Lazer machine, done!!

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correct!!! Treat it as NC file and load it to the Lazer machine, done!!

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We will give that a try, thank you for your responses!

Lastly, don't want to sound any more ignorant than I already do, but what does the NC stand for?
And are there any links to resources to help us learn to use that code generating capability of Fusion 360?

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NC = Numerical Control

CNC = computer numerical control

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Do you know if there are any good training resources on using this Fusion post process module?

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Mostly various content creators on YouTube. NYC_CNC has some good stuff, as do many others

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Is nesting also possible in Fusion 360 as part of the post processing?

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