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Troubles with CNC plasma cuttin my fusion design -

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Troubles with CNC plasma cuttin my fusion design -

***** newbie user of Fusion360******


Hello all.


I hope i have this post in the correct area, if not please let em know the correct area. 


I would like to say hello to you all and hope I can get some advice. 


I have been hacking at Fusion, watching many tutorials online for a while now, and I'm learning a lot, However 

I have an issue that I cannot seem to find a solution to, here go's :


I have a design and I can have it designed in F360, I can get it to animate but when I take it into my plasma cutter its outer radius is 600mm as per the design but when it cut the inner circle it changes the cut like 1/4 moon.

the Plasma cutter is a CNC Macrocut Intercut 3. with a Hypertherm cutter.

if you wouldn't mind as to have a look at my attachments and hope somebody can help guide me in the correct direction.

If somebody uses a macro cut machine I would be eternally grateful if you can offer your advice or suggestions. 

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It could well be how you have selected everything, I am assuming that you want an outer circle and an inner circle with the 2 and the Mile in between the two circles and the large Z inside the smaller circle, have a look at the Red arrows in your design, they dictate wich side of the lines the cuts are made.


This is only guessing, the best way to get help is to upload your Fusion f3d file by going to :-

File > Export > Select f3d format > Save to a location on your computer > Then attach to your reply


Hope that helps 🙂

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in reply to: engineguy

Thank you so much for your reply.

and for the tip on saving this as I dint know that, and would have had to ask.... so a big thank you. 


Yes your correct in the cutout, I did look at these arrows but I thought that it looked correct - However, I am new and what I think is correct might not be. This is a steep learning curve for an older guy so I'm just doing and trying till I get it right with help from the Net, forums and anywhere else I can get information. 


Please find attached the file. 



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Had a look at your file, I have created a cutting Profile that I think will do the job for you and it is attached below.

I have also done a short Screencast of how I created the Profile and Toolpath, hopefully it will be of some help to you, one old bloke to another 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here is the link to the Screencast :-






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in reply to: mark.garratt01

thanks @engineguy select by face saves a lot of time and trouble!

There has been a lot of reports of missing toolpath with large internal arcs in circular parts like this (a solution is in the works) but it looks like this one is fine.

Matt Wynn
Senior Manager, Software Development, Fusion Fabrication
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Actually this particular job is not fine, the area to the left of the large Z did not toolpath and the "workaround" was to select the "keep sharp corners", when the default "roll around corners" is used then the usual Warning for toolpath not generated due to linking problems.


I did cover that in the Screencast 🙂


Good to hear that it is being fixed, thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

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in reply to: engineguy

@engineguy @MattWynn 


I would like to thank you both for your help. We solved the problem with the help of another guy from Macrocut. 

It was an issue in the post-processing set-up - Bacicaly inexperience on my part. 


The part now cust out perfectly. I hope that in the near future I will be able to help in the forum to give back like you two have given me. 

Thank you again to you and the F360 community. 

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in reply to: mark.garratt01



Can you share with the Community what the "fix" from the Macrocut person was ? It will help others having similar issues, thanks 🙂

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in reply to: mark.garratt01

Hey mate. I’m a newbie to this and with a quick search your post is the only one that comes up for intercut and macro. Just wondering how you load your files up to the machine? Macro seem to be very hard to get in contact with. Cheers.
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in reply to: tnt0105

I agree with Macro cut …… but easier if you email me privately and I’ll
give you my number I’ll talk you through it
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in reply to: mark.garratt01

Trying to figure out how I would email you?

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in reply to: tnt0105

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