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Trouble with tool runoff on undercut in an open pocket. Please help!

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Trouble with tool runoff on undercut in an open pocket. Please help!



Im banging my head against the wall on this one. Im machining a small open pocket with two bosses. Each has a 60 deg undercut on the open side of the model. My problem is, the 3/8" dovetail tool wants to run past the edges on either end, and comes in contact with the edge of the pocket. I tried this out of some aluminum and the little marks on the corner of the wall are there. How do I limit the side to side overrun on this 3D Contour toolpath???


Thank you!



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If your tool and your surface are both 60 degrees, a 2D Contour would be an easy toolpath to program and provide for better control of lead-in and out.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks Seth, that did the the trick. I've just always used 3D contour for undercuts like that, but the are usually open on either side so there are no issues. I got it working perfectly now. 



Thanks again!!

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