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trouble with sheet metal

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trouble with sheet metal

I have been trying to put relief slots along all the bend points but can not for the life of me figure out how. I have made slots that would appear but when I went to set up a 2d profile to set up the tool path, it would not let me cut from inside out. this resulted in leaveing ugly cuts for lead in and lead out cuts. is there a easy way to add cuts along the bend points?

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Would help a lot if you can upload your Fusion file, makes it a easier to see what is going on 🙂

Go to File>Export>Select f3d format>save to a location on your computer>then attach it to your reply.


Stay Safe



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here is the project 

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You need toolpaths in the example you post so we can see where you are going wrong.

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my bad 

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I usually don't draw the full slot, just a center line then use center compensation and no lead in/out to do chain cuts.


I tried running your tool path after changing the tool to the laser tool I use and all was good. So it's looking like your slots are too narrow for the 1.8mm tool you chose.


Here is your design using center lines for the slots, which seams to  work ok (only done 1 line just to show).

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I just went through the same solution for him in another thread.  Great minds think alike I guess 😁


Have a good weekend guys!

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Thank you !!! 2 tool paths was the way to go. I didn't even think that was an option. 

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