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trouble lathe finishing profile

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trouble lathe finishing profile

Attempting to create new lathe paths for a design but I am unable to get a certain detail to be machined. I have tried several approaches but am unsure how to fix the problem without using an alternative setup/tooling solution. Was able to accomplish the path on different programs in the past but am unable to in fusion 360.


profile is flat then has a .010" dive that I need to be followed in tool path. 


this is the extended path but still does not achieve the full profile. I noticed the new undercutting feature and hoped this would solve the issue however this did not fix the issue. 


Also I had figured that maybe because of the shape of my tool (432 insert) fusion does not want to apply backpressure to the tool and tried and angled slant inwards hoping the tool would follow that profile but had no success. 


Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a .f3z file if needed but I do not know if this transfers over tools and toolpaths which I can share if need be.


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Yes, your file has all the data we need. 
Set it to Inside Profiling and we get this toolpath:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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