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Tormach 8L Post Processor Always inserts dwells as 1 second

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Tormach 8L Post Processor Always inserts dwells as 1 second

When using the tormach post-processor, dwells (for example, dwelling at the bottom of a drilled hole) are always output as "G4 P1." regardless of how long the dwell is actually programmed to take. I've recreated this issue on multiple computers and files using the default Tormach 8L post-processor. When using other post-processors for other machines, there are no issues. Can anybody provide insight as to how to fix this issue instead of having to edit the NC file manually after post-processing? Thanks! 

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Hmm. I did a quick test, and it appears that the lowest value is 1 second, but values above that will show a change; 

g4 P1

G4 P5

G4 P4.5

etc etc


What are you seeing?


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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