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Toolpath not liking 'preserve order'

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Toolpath not liking 'preserve order'

I don't recall ever having this issue in Fusion but I can't tell it to cut one object completely, then move to the next. In this example, I used the Arrange feature but I should still be able to tell it what to cut. Preserve order, order by islands etc.. doesn't seem to have an effect. 


I want it to cut one part fully, then move to the next. I understand fusion thinks it's reducing rapids but it looks drunk. 

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The issue is that your parts are within a certain distance (less than 1.5 x diameter of tool) together. At that point, Fusion just ignores the "Order by Island" and proceeds in the manner it thinks is safest.

Currently, the only way to get around that is to have multiple toolpaths (sucks, I know).

We do have work ongoing to allow for that "Safety" to be ignored and it will be forced to be ordered by islands. No date on when that will be available though, sorry.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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that makes sense and explains why I've never ran into this before. Thank you for the prompt response. 

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So, apparently.....

The dev team actually DID include the improvement needed. It's called "Stock On Islands". The default value appears to be "Tool Diameter", but reducing that value to a much smaller value will force the tool to order as desired.


Setting that field to a value of .1mm gets us this:


So, how to determine the value? Take the spacing of the parts, subtract the tool diameter. The Stock On Islands value needs to be smaller than that to force "order by islands" to work.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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