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Toolpath Advice

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Toolpath Advice


Hi all,


Have a reasonably complex model to machine (wood).

Looking for advice around order of operations. Obviously will use 3D toolpaths in the main and rest machining. No doubt will need to do some surfaces for machining geometry.


Am thinking;


3D adaptive for top faces then,

3D adaptive for the main pockets then,

2D contour for the pocket sides with 6mm ball end mill as bottom fillet is 3mm radius,

2D pocket for finishing the main pockets

2D contour for the permitter with some tabs (sides are vertical)

2D pocket for top face of side tabs

then the fillets etc






Dash Part.png



David Harrison
Harrison Classic Boats

Win 10 / I7-11700K @ 4.9GHz / 64Gb RAM / SSD's
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in reply to: David_HCB

Since the floors are sloped, you're going to need to likely use a Scallop or Parallel toolpath with your ball endmill. That said, Parallel doesn't do a good job working up against a wall, and will likely leave material on one side or another. Scallop might be the better choice.

Could you share the file here? (if it's part of a massive file, just break link and "Save As")

File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Thanks Seth


Have created a simple setup in the MW. Never mind the bad Design timeline, I was pretty brutal in removing other components....


Where I'm struggling, and it could be a bug....


The top surface I started with a 3D adaptive, on a patched surface I created to it skimmed the entire top countour including over the pockets. toolpath was with a 12mm FEM with outside boundary.


I then did a 3D adaptive with REST for the pockets using the bottom inside edge of the fillet, same tool, inside boundary.


Then I then did a 3D parallel with REST with a 6mm BEM with centre on boundary across the top and I was still getting stock collisions. I don't this should be possible as the first operation cleared that stock...


The floors of the pockets are planar to the top of the stock.


Be interested in your thoughts



David Harrison
Harrison Classic Boats

Win 10 / I7-11700K @ 4.9GHz / 64Gb RAM / SSD's

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