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Tool Orientation - changing the starting point which gcode is generated

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Tool Orientation - changing the starting point which gcode is generated

Hello Fusion Team,


I created a machining point from the central hole, I would like to move the X, Y, Z point to the bottom hole (G3/8") - in gcode it is the G52 function - and make a machining path from this point (tool orientation 2 photo), unfortunately the generated code is the coordinates of center hole (photo tool orientation 1). Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
Thanks in advance, greetings from Poland! David.

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Let me make sure I'm understanding your question correctly:

You've established your Setup WCS XYZ zero on the large bore.

You know want to have another XYZ zero at the smaller hole, is that correct? To what purpose?


Could you share your file here?
File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply.


Also, what are you using for a post processor and what is your controller?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hello Seth, thanks for your time and response.
You correct, i need other XYZ at smaller hole, what purpose? Model what you see is cast GJS-400, in cast we have this hole and in its middle I need to drill and threading G3/8, we don't have
drawing conditions to X,Y,Z position, in my opinion each cast will have a different allowance with fixed coordinates. That's why I need a G52 function to transfer my zero from large bore to another, small.

So, I working on horizontal machine Mazak HCN 6800 / HCN 8800, controller Mazatrol Matrix with Iso gcode programming, post processor - Mazak Mill with rotary table (table axis Y).

Thanks , take care.


Edit #1

I can't upload my 3d model ;/ 


Edit#2 I upload photo from Cam tool orientation settings:

X,Y,Z from small hole2.jpg


X,Y,Z from small hole.jpg


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