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Tool Library questions re best practices regarding associativity and lathe tools

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Tool Library questions re best practices regarding associativity and lathe tools

Context of these questions: we have 3 very different machines.
Haas VMC with rotary 4th axis
Twin-spindle, single turret, Y axis lathe with live tools. Needs to hold turning & milling tools.

Swiss lathe (2 spindles, Y axis, two channels). Needs to hold turning & milling tools. Yeah, Fusion isn't built for this because it's multichannel, but we make it kinda work.


All of these use very different tool holders, but some end mills are shared between all 3 and some turning inserts and other random tools are shared between the two lathes.


We currently have our cloud tool library broken down by machine:

Haas VF2

Nakamura AS200

Tornos DT26


Typically when I need to build a tool, I do it in one of those cloud libraries (which are shared with other team members). However, we have a few issues/questions that keep popping up:

  1. Associativity: when I create a tool in the cloud library, it then populates to the document. However, if I edit the tool (right click operation, Edit, then Select tool, then edit the one in use there, or just right click operation straight to Edit Tool), it does NOT edit the tool in the cloud library . If I edit the one in the cloud library and re-select it for use, now I have two identical-looking tools in the Document library, but the one I was originally using isn't updated. This is really f'ing annoying - is there a way to maintain associativity here so that the tool selected from the cloud library is updated if I update the same tool in the document library?
  2. Is there a way to automatically save every tool to the cloud library (or even the "ALL" library) regardless of where it's created initially, so that it can be accessed again at a later date? Otherwise we have dozens if not hundreds of tools that have been created inside the document (definitely not best practice, but we didn't know better at the time) that we need to dig up the original document to access.
  3. Is there a way to separate out assembled tools (eg insert endmill body + insert + holder) and just the cutting part? It would definitely be handy to actually build up tools from a library of existing subcomponents
  4. Is there a way to actually draw/fully define lathe turning tools, esp tool holders or solid carbide tools like little boring bars? The current options basically never show an accurate representation in simulation, so there's no reasonable way to check for clearances when doing things like close clearance ID boring work.
  5. Live tool holders - is there any provision whatsoever for these? Because we have, for example, several double-ended live tool holders, where M88 (live tool spindle forwards) runs forwards on one side and backwards on the other. There is not really any way for the post to know which is which right now, because the holder isn't specified anywhere within Fusion, and the only workaround is to tell the thing the tool spins anticlockwise. The problem with doing that is next time you use that same drill/end mill in a different tool holder and don't realize it was last set to run backwards.
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Unfortunately, it's "no" to most of your questions:

  1. Once inserted into a document, it severs the link to the cloud library
  2. No method at present to automatically save back to the cloud from the document
  3. The only method that might work is if you had a library of just cutting tools with no holders attached and a library of holders that you use. Or you could just "replace holder" after inserting a tool into a document
  4. Fully modeled turning tools is a "work in progress", not yet supported by definitely on our radar
  5. No knowledge in Fusion about tooling blocks; again, something we're well aware of and currently working on. No ETA on when this would be available for use, though.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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