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Tool Library Missing

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Tool Library Missing

My tool library and a number of other items from Assets were deleted with the latest update. I have restored them from the Trash folders found in teh CAMTools, CAMTemplates, CAMPosts, etc folders, however my tool library does not show up when I click on the Tool Library in the Manufacture workspace. I have restarted the program, and verified that I have "Enable Clound Libraries" checked in my Preferences. 

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Try this section from one our our Knowledge articles:

Search the local cache for cloud libraries

Cloud assets are also locally cached by Fusion.

On the computer that originally edited the library, navigate to the following file path:

  • Windows%localappdata%\Autodesk\Autodesk Fusion 360\ <AlphanumericID>\W.Login\M
  • MacMac HD>Users>USERNAME>Library>Application Support>Autodesk>ALPHANUMERIC ID>W.login>M

Within the "M" directory, there are alphanumeric folders (for example "D2017012059661301"). Within these folders, the cloud assets cached by Fusion can be found. If an asset is found here, but not in the Fusion Data Panel, create a copy of the asset and then upload it to Fusion as a new version.

Note: Ensure that no European umlauts or special characters are used on the library name.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Sadly, the "Autodesk Fusion 360" folder is empty.

I have also discovered that my post processors were deleted as well.

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Also from the article above, there are instructions on how to check your online Cloud Web folder, have you tried that?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: MJ12283

It's likely that just restoring these items from the trash will not be sufficient to get them to re-synchronize to your client machines. I'd suggest renaming the existing folders, and then copying them into folders with the same names as prior to the rename. This will hopefully, then, cause the "deleted" property to be removed, which is what is preventing the synchronization from occurring.



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What has appeared to work is:


-Using the "Open on the Web" function.

  1. Navigate to the Trash folder located in each Asset folder.
  2. Right click and select Restore each lost asset.
  3. Download each lost asset to a folder your computer.

-In the Fusion 360 Data Panel

  1. Use the Upload button in each asset folder to upload each lost asset that you just downloaded. 

This appears to overwrite the assets showing in the folder and for some reason that makes Fusion see them again.


Thanks to those who helped.

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