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Tool library comments

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Tool library comments

I'd like to add a second comment field in the tool data, is this possible? I'm not sure what everyone else is using this field/column for, but I have been putting insert data in there for easy reference when re-ordering. Is there a way to "unlock" a second generic field so I can add the part number for insert screws?Tool library.pngTool library 2.png

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in reply to: Chris_Townsley

These data are in the General tab - the first tab

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@Tomas_V_cz is correct, you need to put the comment in the "General" tab.

That said, if you're trying to capture this information in your posted code, some post edits may be required..

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: Tomas_V_cz

In my general tab I've got "description, vendor, product id, and product link". All of these values are filled for tool data, I'm looking to add more. Do you know if this is an option?

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So just to clarify, everything works great right now. I'd just like to add one more field somewhere in the tool data.Screenshot 2024-02-26 081423.pngScreenshot 2024-02-26 081503.png

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in reply to: Chris_Townsley

I always write the same name of the tool in the Description and Comment fields - so that I can see the name of the tool in the operation tree and then in the program. And one or two more fields would be good - for example, as information for the dimension from the face of the tap to the full profile of the thread, and there would definitely be more options to use this dataTap Data.png

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Hi @Chris_Townsley 


Currently there is no way of inputting additional custom user data fields in the tool library as you have requested. This is a feature we have considered adding, but so far it hasn't ever been a high enough priority to work on. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.





Stephen Irvine
Principal SW Engineer
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With a little creative thinking and coding you could use a single comment field but add a delimiter, and output multiple values/codes in the posted NC that way. Essentially you'd choose a delimiter that will never be used in the tool/insert/screw/etc codes and split the comment based on that.

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