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Tool library changed feed for drills

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Tool library changed feed for drills

Sometimes in an update lately the feed for drills have changed in the tool library from feed pr revolution to feed pr min. Why has this happened? I have always used feed pr revolution for drilling. Is this a bug in an update, or is it intentional? If so I dont understand why user parameters change in an update. Is it possible to mass update the library back to feed pr rev?


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In the last update, we modified the drilling feed options to allow a tickbox for "User Feed Per Rev". This proved to be a rather problematic change for a lot of users, and we are working on undoing that. 


Is there a bulk edit option? No, not in Fusion. You might be able to accomplish that by doing a .csv export and modify it that way..

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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When will this change be reverted? This is a big quality of life problem for me. What was the rationale for this change? The previous interface was a million times better. The two values aren't even linked to each other so changing the feed per rev doesn't change the feed if you click the tickbox! This is very confusing behavior and slows me down greatly as now I always have to check to make sure that I'm not going to slam the drill into the part. 

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Any update as to when this will be fixed? 

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