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tool inspection/change

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tool inspection/change


I want a rough operation program in Fusion 360. The mold part is too large. The cutting tool will wear out. I want to check the tips of the cutting tool. For example, after going down the Z axis by 10mm, the cutting tool goes up, puts M01, or works for 20 minutes, then G91 G28 goes to Z0 position, then I change the tips of the cutting tool, and the program continues where it left off. Mastercam has this feature. Nx has this feature. How can I do it in Fusion 360?

I put a link on how to do it in Nx, you can check it out.



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Currently, the only option that's readily handy is to have multiple toolpaths with the same tool, covering the same area, but at different Z depths:

Z0 to Z-10.

Z-10. to Z-20.

Z-20. to Z-30.




We recognize this isn't ideal and have heard as much from our users. I'm not intimately aware of any current project that's meant to address this bottleneck, but I do know the developers are always keen on improving the product.


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thank you for your reply. I have worked in different software companies before. Fusion 360 is a great program. It also has its shortcomings. I would like to help with ideas on what can be done to improve the program and what features can be improved.

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