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Tool cutting on the line, instead of an outside Contour

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Tool cutting on the line, instead of an outside Contour

I followed these instructions to get an outside contour for a round piece, but for some reason it is not cutting outside and instead it's cutting somewhere on the contour line. I made sure the arrow was pointing clockwise. I was trying to get a perfect 1003 mm round, and I ended up with a 996 mm. What am I doing wrong? Do I manually have to offset for the tool size? I chose the tool from the Amana Library that I imported into Fusion 360. Any help appreciated. Thank you. 

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You've set the compensation type to Off! You probably want either In Computer (Fusion adds the offset) or In Control (the control adds the offset).


Also looks like you're creating lots of NC Programs when you post. You should either reuse when you post or turn them off on the post dialog.

So either right click the NC Program and post


or uncheck the option to save them.





Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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Thank you so much. So I was watching another tutorial that was turning that compensation to off because it prevents the bit from going into the wood off the path and taking out a chunk of the side which was happening to some cheese boards I was cutting. It was luckily going into the outer wood piece that wasn't part of the cheese board but I didn't want to risk it with this project since it was a table, so I followed that tutorial. I don't remember the link but that video took off compensation, and lead-in/out and then turned on ramping.

I followed your advice and left the compensation on for another project where I was trying to hollow a picture frame and add lip, and looks like my measurements were more accurate.

Sorry for confusion on NC files. Those were part of the other tiers of the table I was making and not all related to this particular layer I was making.

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