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Tips for Changing from AutoCAD to Fusion360

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Tips for Changing from AutoCAD to Fusion360

I've been using AutoCAD to create 3D models for many years for design visualization and I am yet to encounter a form that I can't create within that program. However, now I am extending my skills into manufacturing and am aware that Fusion360 is a better tool for that purpose. I don't want to go down the path of modelling in AutoCAD and then importing into Fusion360 as that wouldn't make the best use of Fusion's features particularly parametrics.


Although the workflows and modelling concepts are pretty much the same in both programs (2d sketches->3d forms->boolean operations->Mesh) I am really struggling to adapt to Fusion360's way of doing things.  has anyone else made that migration and can offer some "big picture" concepts for me to understand? Are there any particular resources I can refer to?

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Hi @DEVR2098,


In the links below some tutorials for learning Fusion 360.


I'm an AutoCAD user 20 years ago 🙈
After that, I switched over to Inventor and had the same situation as you have now.

Sinds the start of Fusion 360 I made slidely my switch to Fusion 360.


Hope the tutorials help you understand how to use Fusion 360.
If specific things are not clear on how to use, you can better write those down so one of us can help you.


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Marco Takx
CAM Consultant

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Thanks for replying. I'll go through those curated materials as you have suggested. Sending Kudos your way,

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