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Thread Milling

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Thread Milling

Has any one used these thread mills from Guhring or a competitor successfully in Fusion? They mill straight into the material without a pilot hole and use an M4 spindle rotation.


I can get working code if I set wear to In Computer and manually edit the spindle direction afterward to M4 afterward. If I turn on Wear it runs incorrectly on the machine and tries to mill around the outside of a boss rather than thread milling a hole. If a swap G42 to G41 it doesn't help.


I was using the Fanuc Incremental post for it


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That's a nice tool!  I like this a lot more than those that drill then mill the thread at the end (1 tool but need the hole to be a thru hole otherwise the drill portion of the tool will go too deep).

Anyway, for the M4, you can set the rotation to CCW in the tool, it should then output M4 instead of M3.

For the comp...  Computer and Wear output the same coodinates, but wear gives you the G41/G42, so if you mill it correctly with comp set to computer, wear should then work the same... as long as you set the tool diameter offset to ZERO in the machine controller (wear outputs to tool center, same as computer).

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Yep, I use those sorts of tool quite regularly (different manufacturer, same idea)

Untick the "Clockwise Spindle Rotation" in your tool library

Select your holes

Set Compensation type



Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks @seth.madore & @DarthBane55, I don't know how I missed the CW tick box...!


I'll test again tomorrow back at the machine and make sure the tool dia offset is set correctly

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@seth.madore do you mind sharing what brand you use?  I'd like to have a look at these tools for sure!

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Owned by Mitsubishi, they are more cost competitive in the States at least

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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