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This weeks update has reset all my user set default settings.

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This weeks update has reset all my user set default settings.

First up, this is something an update should never do. I've lost years of tweaks to my default settings. All heights, lead in, lead out, cutter comp, even smoothing has been turned off for every toolpath. Pretty ridiculous.


Second, how do I recover from this?

My home PC has not been updated yet. Presumably that still has a copy of my previous default settings.

Is there a settings file in AppData that I can backup and copy/import to my work PC?

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in reply to: vworpi

Man, that sucks. It's a random event that doesn't effect everyone and it's proven quite difficult to track down that cause of this issue.

You can export your defaults here:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks Seth.

As this is a random event, might it be sensible for Fusion to auto export this before an update is started? Don't even tell the user, just create it on the off chance a recovery is needed?

The CAM cycles really are mission critical for some of us, having the settings mess up like this could be disastrous.

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