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The results machined on a 5-axis machine do not match the results set in CAM, so please point out what is wrong.

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The results machined on a 5-axis machine do not match the results set in CAM, so please point out what is wrong.

I have installed a 5-axis machine and am adjusting it to use with Fusion360, but the results machined from each surface do not match what I have set up in CAM, so I would like to know.


Please note that the display is in Japanese in places because Fusion360 is set up in Japanese.

The program is only to machine each face with a face mill and produce dimensions, but the top face is as set, but when each side is measured, it is 0.1 mm smaller. The situation is that the facemill has been machined 0.05 mm lower than the thickness of each side.


Monosnap Autodesk Fusion 2024-03-04 14.38.19.png

The block is supposed to be 60x80, but when it is actually processed, a block of 59.9x79.9 is produced.


I will attach the program and post, please let me know if there is anything wrong.




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The output code is accurate, so the problem must lie with the machine.


There are several places this can be wrong.

  1. The Probe may not  be correctly calibrated to the gauge line, this will throw off all kinematic measurements.
  2. The kinematics have not been correctly calibrated
  3. the tool length for the face mill is wrong, this could be due to the tool setter being incorrectly calibrated.

If this is a brand new machine the Installation technicians need to correct the error

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in reply to: Bunga777

According to the coordinates, the postprocessor outputs the code correctly. You may have problems calibrating the tool on the machine

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in reply to: RoccoHilton

Thank you for the information.

After much investigation, it seems that the machine's axis center setting is probably a little off, so I will try to reset the axis center now.

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