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The "Only Inner Corner" option is buggy

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The "Only Inner Corner" option is buggy

If for the "Sideways Compensation" option select "Right" then the "Feed Optimization" occurs on the outer corner instead of inner corner (when "Only Inner Corners" options is active). And conversely as expected the "Feed Optimization" takes place on the inner corner if "Left" is chosen. Why is this happening?

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Because it's a ported unfinished / unrealized "feature" from HSMworks that was added to Fusion 360 without any intention of improving or fixing the bug


here is a 10+ year old thread mentioning the exact same issue

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Ha ha, how cool is that 🙂 I have tried both Powermill and Fusion 360, every time I touch them I wonder how clumsy and buggy they are in my opinion of course

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Yep. Day one. I've raised this once again with the development team, I'd like to see this issue as a "thing of the past".

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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