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Tapping cylce produces wrong feedrate?

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Tapping cylce produces wrong feedrate?

Hello, today I have a program that taps a 10-32 in the end of a bolt. Thread pitch for the tool in the tool library is .03125 (1/32 gives me pitch) my RPM is 1400, so taking rpm/ pitch of thread = 43.75. code posted out gives me Feedrate of 1.7224 which resulted in a bored out hole basically. Can't believe the form tap took it on but it did.


anyways I changed the code by hand and it works just fine, but not sure why its outputting the wrong feedrate. I went and double checked that similar form taps in f360 i have used already have a similar pitch(I was worried I was supposed to type in 32 instead of 1/32) but seems a 1/4-20 form tap i have in the library has a thread pitch of .05" so I'm fairly confident I have everything right and this is just a bug.


file attached to see if the problem is replicated on other systems. 

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I think this is a "units" issue, where the value is being regarded as Metric. 

1 / 32 = .03125

.03125mm / 25.4 = .0012in

.0012in x 1,400 = 1.72ipm


Do you have either of these Preview Flags enabled?


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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yes the user expressions is on. i dont even have the other one in my list, i see its a insider preview feature and i have the insider version.

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If memory serves me correctly, try turning the Expressions one off, as I think that's the source of the issue.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

I can confirm that this is the issue. I had the exact same thing happen to me. Turn that preview feature off and it should fix the problem.

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