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Takisawa TS-15 Fanuc 6T Machine and Post

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Takisawa TS-15 Fanuc 6T Machine and Post

Good evening folks. 


I recently drug home a Takisawa TS-15 CNC lathe, and just this morning I managed to get it successfully communicating with the PC with DNC4U. Now I need to set up Fusion. 


What are folks using as a machine in the library and the post processor for Fanuc 6t? 


I did try to do a bit of searching, but my success rate for searching for answers (anywhere) is rarely ever fruitful. 


I appreciate any responses and apologize if this topic has been answered many times already. 



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in reply to: shawnhuk1

Hi @shawnhuk1,


There are a couple of generic posts which may well work for this machine, i will include links below to these. One is the fanuc turning post and the other is a takisawa mill/turn post.


In terms of a machine file, you wont need one, they can be added to include functionality such as machine sim, axis limits etc but should post fine without.

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in reply to: DanielMolloy

I did find a Fanuc post, I will try this one too because the one I first used makes the lathe not accept canned cycles - particularly G71. But in the half-a-day I spent trying to figure that out I realised the G71-g73 canned cycle problem is significantly deeper than I first thought. I have found some solutions but I do not understand them. I need to investigate further but haven't yet had the time. 


As far as this initial request, I suppose we can suggest it's resolved. 


Thank you Daniel.

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