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Super-simple problem: Mill a simple hole. Single pass dept OK, Multiple fail

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Super-simple problem: Mill a simple hole. Single pass dept OK, Multiple fail

I am obviously doing something wrong.  After too many hours on this extremely simple problem I need help.

Milling the hole in one pass is OK.

When selecting multiple passes, the first pass starts on the bottom level and then gradually the passes come up.


Something is upside down or negative, but I cannot find it.  Most settings are default.

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Using your file, it works for me. I see depth cuts starting from the top of the stock going to the bottom. I do not see any finishing or roughing passes, which would be correct as they are not enabled in your program. Perhaps when you ran it in simulation, the viewpoint wasn't correctly aligned? You can use the circled item to control your viewpoint in simulation: 





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I tried the different viewpoints without help.

The tool bit comes from the top and goes through the hole, it does one pass and comes up one step for the next pass.


Sitting here looking at it looks like the simulation time frame is backwards.  I do not know why.

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It might very well be running backwards. See attached picture, make sure your slider button is to the right of the midway point. To the right is forward and anything set to the left of the midpoint is playing it backwards:




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in reply to: Bertho_Boman

It really looks like the simulation is running backwards.

The little progress bar on the bottom of the screen is moving from the right towards the left.

I attached a little movie.

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Thank you so much.  I knew it was something obvious but could not find it.

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