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Stumped on selecting a toolpath - 3D, 2D?

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Stumped on selecting a toolpath - 3D, 2D?

Screenshot - Left Corner Selection.png

Screenshot - Top Corner Selection.png



Am a pool cue-builder testing out some new operations to achieve pockets that come to a 0 radius intersection. Above are two pictures of what I thought may need to be executed in order to achieve this.


My plan is to use a 30 degree engraving bit and plunge it down at a 15 degree angle to match the interior block (as shown in the selection in the picture above). I know that, in order for the tool to not colide with the side walls, that it can only go down to a certain depth at this angle.


Is there a toolpath that can accomodate this? Or would that have to also be included in the model? Or am I just thinking about this incorrectly alltogether?


Also attached is the .f3z file!


Thank you so so much in advance to anyone who is willing to take a look at this or share an opinion.

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You can try to cheat this a bit with Trace, but would probably just use a chisel in real life to get it done the easiest way. 

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Didn't even think of using Trace. I was able to configure a working TP. Thank you!

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