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Strange air cutting

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Strange air cutting

Hey there
i sometimes get things like this where no matter what I do I can't get rid of the wasted air cutting moves. Any idea?
This is a second operation and in the setups I have used stock from preceding ops, and turned carry on rest machine too. But this just does these silly rapid -> linking move with no actual cuts.

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in reply to: Jools-Taylor

Sometimes playing with the Stock to Leave and Tolerance can help alleviate some of this issue. That said, we've got some nice work being done to improve further on this issue. If you could share your file, I'd be happy to test it against some internal work to see if we can solve all of it (or at least a good chunk).

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in the 4th tab, lower (smaller number) your tolerance, and change the Minimum Stepdown to a greater value you will remove those. 

in the 5th tab, change Stay Down Level to Most and use Minimum Retraction.

Please click "Accept Solution" if what I wrote solved your issue!
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The answer was to do it in two operations. One outside the silhouette and one inside.
The key was to turn off that”look for flat” or similar. Not in the office but that did the trick
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I’d tried that. In this instance it didn’t wirk

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