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Stock From Previous Operation

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Stock From Previous Operation

I am rather new to Fusion and am trying to use the stock from previous operations.  I watched two videos; one that uses a mesh image from a simulation and one that used the "From Previous Setup" option in the stock selection.  I had somewhat better luck with the latter approach.  I have attached the project I am working on.  It appears that the second machining operation (Block Rear) worked properly as it displayed the remaining stock from the previous operation.  The 3rd machining opperation (Setup5) does not show the stock properly as there should be no stock remaining.  Both the stock and model are of identical size at this point.  Am I missing something here?


Thanks... Richard




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The from previous operations always shows the original stock shape as shaded. 

but you can see the In Process Stock (Green) is correctly displaying from previous operations.


from what I can see this is working as normal.


I'll admit the shaded stock showing as the same as the first setup is a little misleading 

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Thanks for the clarification. Just curious.... Is the other method of creating a mesh file from the simulation an older legacy approach?

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