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Stock From Preceding Setup - Defining Origin

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Stock From Preceding Setup - Defining Origin



In the attached, I have carried out a number of machining operations in a first setup, titled, "Top Side Machining 1st Block".

I have then created a second setup, titled, "Top Side Machining 2nd Block", using mode, "From preceding setup" with "Continue Rest Machining" ticked:


My question is about setting the WCS origin.

When I select this second setup in the browser, it shoes me what the stock, generated by the previous machining operations, looks like.  I would like to select a corner of this stock (see below) as the origin for my WCS in the 2nd setup:


However, when I edit the stock, so that I can select this point as the origin, it no longer shows me this and shows me this, instead:


and I can't select the point I want to for my stock.


Can anybody offer any advice, please?


As ever, I would be very grateful for any comments at all.


The file is attached. 





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You can only really select box points from a bounding box that contained the original stock.


IMO Picking up on rough machined stock for subsequent operations is bad practice anyway as there is no guarantees its actually accurate.


What I would do here is machine a "Witness" at known location. 

I drew a sketch on the corner of the model that is 0.2mm away from the model edges, then in the first setup, I machine that corner.


For the second setup you can pick the corner of your sketch as the Origin for your WCS




see attached



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Thank you very much for your advice.  As always, it is very helpful and has answered my question.


Thank you, once again.

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